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Bali Diving Perdana & Marine Sport - Dive Site in Bali
  • Tuesday Mar 20, 2018
Bali Diving Perdana & Marine Sport
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Dive Site in Bali



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Two hours drive by car to the eastern of Bali, well-known Amed is the only numberless many kinds of the Scholl fish swimming by by your side and waving from sea fans you just can found in this site. Even the shark and Napoleon fish are special  identity from this area under water world fascinating. Because this area is very slow current it was was very good for beginner and for under water photographer.

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Shark points as the name indicated, one of the most exiting and popular dive site. The point level out at about 20 meter and you can found here white tip reef shark and sting ray. Don't forget to bring your camera, especially for an experienced diver is request.

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On the north west of Bali in known Menjangan Island is famous for spectacular wall diving and drop offs. Huge deep water sea fan, Colorful sponges and numerous black corals trees the only part of magic. Watching for the school Jackfish and inquisitive but friendly Barracuda is one of the famous dive sites in Bali as part of national park island sister from Bali mainland sister. This area is suitable for all season diving where the magnificently of under water vitas will surprise mostly diver. 

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Starts off with a slopes resident of larges schooling sweet lips and climaxes with a steep wall drops with soft coral growth, unlimited depth, good visibility,  and abundant fish life. Look for schools of various marine life includes larger pelagics moonfish and manta rays. This is a deep dive, and so watch your gauges clonely

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Location in front Nusa Dua tourism beach, dives at 6 to 20 meters depth will be rewarded by beautiful under water panoramas. Gigantic table coral trophy shopped coral and sponge grow on her-miles long barrier-reef. Thousand of colorful fish swim by in kaleidoscopic profusion.

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Discover what many divers have known for so long Lembongan Island any islands just an hour by motor bout from the Sanur mainland. Is a favorite among under water photographers and marine researchers. sitting on edge of the golf stream, Lembongan has some of the clearest water all the years, and an abundance of marine life that is second to none. Let join us for the greatest diving adventure of your life time. Especially for an experienced diver request blue corner point is your opportunity to see sun fish, big fish and shark. 

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