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Bali Diving Perdana & Marine Sport
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Discover what many divers have known for so long Lembongan Island any islands just an hour by motor bout from the Sanur mainland. Is a favorite among under water photographers and marine researchers. sitting on edge of the golf stream, Lembongan has some of the clearest water all the years, and an abundance of marine life that is second to none. Let join us for the greatest diving adventure of your life time. Especially for an experienced diver request blue corner point is your opportunity to see sun fish, big fish and shark. 

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The island located at the east of Sanur, approximately an a hour cruising by traditional outrigger boat or 30 minutes by speed boat, this area is one of the most famous dive sites in Bali. Because it has the clearest water every day of the year. Colorful fishes, a variety sponges, gorgonian and sea fans are fascinating. Manta point is one of the popular dive sites from these island where you can see the Manta Ray.

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A beautiful under water panorama with colorful tropical fishes depth from 6 to 18 meters, shaped table corals growing surround the barrier reef, white tip reef shark you can found here at our sanur shark point in depth 28 meters over the reef that is very good for experienced diver.

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Nusa Ceningan Dive Site

Starts off with a slopes resident of larges schooling sweet lips and climaxes with a steep wall drops with soft coral growth, unlimited depth, good visibility,  and abundant fish life. Look for schools of various marine life includes larger pelagics moonfish and manta rays. This is a deep dive, and so watch your gauges clonely


Reef type : Steep drop-off
Access : 40 minutes by boat (from Sanur beach)
Visibility : Good, 15-25 meters
Current  : Moderate to very strong 
Coral : Limited coverage, few species
Fish : Surprising good variety 
Highlights : Large school of sweet lips, dozen of surgeon  fish, manta, eagle rays, moonfish even sharks.
Others : Can be very cold, current are  unpredictable and often pierce.
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